PODCAST: Grow your beauty business with Faye Speedie, founder of beauty Bulb


How Do You Grow A Beauty Brand?  In Today’s Podcast I Am Chatting With Beauty Expert Faye Speedie, Founder Of New Platform The Brand Book And Founder Of Beauty Bulb. The Brand Book Is A Trade Show – Without The Show, Where Beauty Brands Can Link With Retailers And Buyers And Showcase Their Products Digitally And Make Amazing Connections. With Several Years In The Industry Faye And I Chat About: The Issues Both Brands And Beauty Buyers Are Having Right Now. What Brands Can Do To Help Them Grow Their Business . What Trends To Focus On. And How To Build Relationships With Buyers And Much More.


  • Beauty Bulb is a dynamic concept that was launched by Faye Speedie in 2017 to support beauty, personal care and wellness brands with their sales and business growth in a flexible way. Beauty Bulb has delivered substantial sales growth across numerous sales channels.
  • They’ve opened dozens of new markets and made hundreds of beauty business introductions for over 40 brands since launch.
  • They are experts driving sales growth through retail, online retail, international distributors, home shopping, The USA and China. Faye is passionate about working with founders, owners and their teams at all business levels.
  • Faye’s team grew quickly and after just six months she had a team of herself and two others. The brand is now split in half between the Beauty Bulb and The Brand Book.
  • If you’re a start up your brand, it’s about knowing where to invest your money. Is it going to stock, or product development, or marketing, or is it social media?
  • Nail your USP. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, stay focused and know who you are. Your USP is what will get attention from your target market.
  • Buddy up with partners who don’t work in your space, you’ll find you can learn from other business people who’ve been there and learned from their mistakes.


‘It Was The Biggest Success Story The Dragons Didn’t Invest In’

‘When The Logistics Guy Was On Holiday, We’d Be There Packing Boxes’

‘There Was No One Size Fits All’

‘The Trade Shows Are Amazing But So Hard. Buyers Often Find It Hard To Choose’

‘Supercharging Their Sales Is What We Set Out To Do For Them’


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