PODCAST: Launching and Growing a Beauty Brand in the UK

Do you want to launch a beauty brand in the UK? Or perhaps you already have one and are looking to grow that business? This week’s episode of Start Scale Succeed is a recording of a live webinar Nicole hosted with four beauty experts where they spoke about brand identity, PR, pitching to retailers, customer reviews and testimonials and how they can help you with your business, and so much more.


  • Brand identity goes beyond just your logo, just because you have a product and a logo it doesn’t make a brand. Brand ID is about crafting a DNA that goes beyond the here and now and leaves a lasting impression on your customer even after purchase.
  • You can build a relationship between your brand and your customer by using social listening, being authentic with your content, promoting your founder story to let people connect with your story. Passion, purpose, and honesty are all things that can drive a community.
  • The relationships between brands and consumers have changed in many ways. People are now more likely to share their love and promote a brand they align with, with no incentive from the brands’ side. Consumers are now also much more intelligent when it comes to buying from brands, they pick up on the ethics and social presence in a way which was never considered before.
  • The Three C’s for social growth are valuable content, connection, and consistency. You need to be aware of how your brand and message are getting out there and if they are actually being understood when they’re seen.
  • When using product testers for the first time, send them to a wide range of people so you can find out who really loves the product and connects with it. This can be very useful for beauty brands because people’s needs are often different, and you can build a niche around the feedback.
  • Margin percentages can vary from between 40/45 percent for indie boutiques to 60 percent in the larger retailers. Look at what they’re offering you for that percentage and get another set of eyes and ears to help you decide if that works for you.


‘Disproportionate passion builds a brand, the killer of a brand is indifference’

‘Indie brands drive communities, bigger brands drive fan bases’

‘Think of your PR as your brand storyteller’

‘Consumers are driven by information, education, and emotion’